Why an IT Audit is Important for your Business

Most companies rely heavily on their IT network, and use it as a tool that will help their business grow, operate more efficiently, and give them the tools to be competitive in their market. Unfortunately, in today’s technological landscape it is vital to consider risks – and most importantly – be prepared for them. Poor preparation can lead to data loss – or worse – and a serious disruption in your business. 

Businesses should consider an IT audit as part of their network management. An IT audit is a detailed assessment of a company’s tech policies, web services, equipment, software applications, security protection and operating system. When reviewing each of those assets, IT auditors look for any gaps that could be a security risk or hinder a company’s growth. At the end of the evaluation, a report outlines what was done during the audit and recommendations to fix any potential security risks or needed upgrades.

There are several reasons a company should conduct an IT audit. First and foremost is protecting your company’s data. An audit can find places where your company’s defense against hackers is weak. Cybersecurity threats can come from outside or even inside the company. Looking at who has access to your devices and software is all taken into consideration. An audit also reassures that your business is fully compliant with any laws and policies relevant to your industry and business procedures. This is important, because if it’s discovered that your business is not compliant, your company could face serious penalties and consequences. Finally, an audit is a good opportunity to make sure all your hardware and software is running efficiently. 

ICC can help you keep operations running smoothly. We conduct a number of audits and tests, as well as put tactics in place, to significantly reduce the possibility of an attack and make sure your network is running to its highest performance. Our audits include analysis of data backups, compliance, internet connectivity, cybersecurity, antivirus evaluation, and so much more. If you are missing one piece of the pie, you may be putting your business at risk and could be faced with significant business disruption or financial loss.

To learn more about ICC’s audits, visit https://www.iccusa.net/services/it-audits. To schedule an IT audit, give us a call at 970-419-0602.

May 15, 2023

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