Should I Move My Email Service to the Cloud?

Much of business relies around sending and receiving emails, so having the right email solution is essential to make you as productive as possible. Choosing a reliable and secure email system is just as important as choosing a physical office location. In recent years, moving company email service to cloud has become an option, but many are uncertain whether this is a good choice.

We recommend making the transition to the cloud, but only on Hosted Exchange. Here are few benefits of doing so:

  • Cost effective. In the long run, cloud will save you money because it provides multiple services in one entity. Furthermore, it performs system and security updates automatically, so it is not necessary to spend money each time a new update arises. In addition, we’ll help you choose the email plan that meets your needs and take the rest from there.
  • More secure backup. If your system crashes or encounters a glitch, you may rest assured knowing that you’ll be taken care of with the data loss prevention capabilities, redundant servers, and experts safeguarding your information.
  • More storage. Office 365 users get at least 1TB of cloud storage (compared to other services which provide around 30GB).
  • Streamlined communication. The many features of the cloud – including live chats, video meetings and more – means saving time when meeting with clients or remote employees.
  • Stability. Hosted Exchange is about as stable as it comes when your business relies on email.
  • Up-Time. For over three years, our client’s Hosted Exchange providers have had over 99% uptime.
  • Integration with is more tightly integrated with Office Online than many of its competitors. Excel, for example, integrates much better with Outlook than for example…Gmail.
  • Administration. If your business calendar is always filled with meetings, then Outlook should play a key role in administering it. Outlook enables you schedule resources like projectors, conference or meeting rooms by adding them as a resource to your meeting. The resource then acts like any attendee like checking the availability for meeting along with the ability to auto-respond to the meeting invite.

Is it difficult to transition to the cloud?

Yes and no. The actual process is fairly simple, but the many stages leave a lot of room for mistakes. We suggest using a professional IT company if your business decides to make the switch to ensure the process is done seamlessly and accurately.

Our tech experts at ICC can take care of the entire transition for you. Give us a call at 970-419-0602 to bring your business to the most secure, wide-ranging and cost-effective email option.

June 13, 2016

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