Outdated technology? Call ICC to get back in style!

You may not be one to keep up with fashion trends, but when it comes to your business and technology you should definitely make it a point to stay on top of what’s “in” and what’s not! 

Technology is evolving at its fastest pace ever. It can be easy to lose track of it all if you try to maintain business technology all on your own. In this fast-paced digital age, a computer’s average lifespan is 4-6 years old. It might be tempting to try to save money by holding on to computer equipment until it breaks down, but when it comes to your business and data, holding on to old hardware and software programs could do your company more harm than good. 

If you’re having trouble updating software, or you’re hearing strange noises coming from your computer, then it’s time for an IT makeover! Plus, there are several reasons to make sure your network is updated.

  • Stronger cyber security: New products come with frequent security updates and patches. The consistent updates strengthen your network’s defense against data breaches, malware infections and other cyber risks, protecting your company’s data, clients and reputation.
  • Greater efficiency: Old equipment is slower and may not integrate well with new software programs, causing computers to crash and frustrate employees. New equipment will run faster and keep employees working much more efficiently.
  • Better product support. Manufacturers don’t provide support for outdated products. Their energy is put into current offerings. Keeping equipment up to date will ensure you have access to updates and current warranties.

ICC has been helping businesses make over and maximize their IT for over 24 years. ICC includes setting up cyber security precautions, managing backups, addressing workflow inefficiencies, and more.

So, don’t hold on to that antiquated equipment. Let ICC help you upgrade to the latest styles in IT hardware and software. Call us at (970) 419-0602.

July 20, 2022

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