Introducing YipTel: ICC’s New VoIP Service

ICC is excited to present its latest and greatest addition to the business world: YipTel, our new VoIP service. YipTel offers the complete range of phone services, including Cloud service and TeleHealth. Here are 10 things you should know about YipTel to help you decide if it fits your business needs:

  1. YipTel Phone Systems features on-premise and hosted service – it’s not just another Broadsoft.
  1. YipTel is all about service – we provide quotes within 24 hours, have speedy installation, offer flexible contract terms and have lower taxes than our competitors.
  1. Need audio conferencing? YipTel provides 10-100 party conference bridges with a mobile app, desktop control and recording.
  1. Through YipTel Cloud, we deliver all your voice, video and data needs safely and reliably. Employees can communicate on desk phones, mobile devices, laptops and softphones with Voice Video calling 24/7.
  1. YipTel Cloud offers investment protection, which means that you are protected from technology obsolescence. YipTel is continually developing new technologies to ensure you have access to the most advanced solutions.
  1. YipTel Cloud has many desirable features, including but not limited to mobility solutions, video calling and conferencing, unified messaging, desktop applications, multi-media call center, web administration, multi-site and remote worker, and HD audio conferencing.
  1. YipTel TeleHealth offers HIPAA compliant voice, video and fax services so that medical professionals can be connected to their patients in a safe and streamlined manner.
  1. Through YipTel TeleHealth, patients can have fast and easy access to care from virtually anywhere without having to deal with drive times and other physical limitations.
  1. YipTel TeleHealth allows medical providers to expand their practice, increase revenue and improve patient care.
  1. YipTel TeleHealth can be used in rural health care situations, assisted living homes, mental health facilities, remote care and more.

Have any questions about YipTel? Interested in getting YipTel installed for your business? Give us a call at 970-419-0602 and we’ll get your business all set up!

April 18, 2017

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