Cybersecurity Threats to Keep Top of Mind in 2022

Living in a digital world in which a lot of business is conducted online can be really concerning. Think about it: bank deposits, financial information, photos, employee information, etc. Cybersecurity risks are real and have become a normal concern these days. Security breaches can result in just a minor inconvenience to devastating financial loss. Most business owners aren’t sure what they should be concerned about the most. Here are some of the top considerations when planning to protect your company’s data:

– Phishing Attacks: Although phishing attacks aren’t new, hackers are consistently finding new ways to tempt employees to unknowingly click on a fake link, video or download – compromising your security.

– Remote Worker Endpoint Security: With more and more employees working from home devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets are a risk. Employees working from home, or especially from public places like coffee shops, risk uploading business data to an unsecure network.

– Cloud Jacking: One of the newest concerns to surface as more businesses and individuals rely on cloud computing. Cloud jacking is when an account is taken over by a cybercriminal – it can be something like identity theft or just data theft.

– IoT Devices: IoT, which stands for Internet of Things, refers to any web-enabled device connected to an app. The more devices that are connected the more entry points a hacker has to get into a network.

– Ransomware Attacks: Under this type of attack, hackers do not return stolen data until a ransom is paid. Handling this situation is unpredictable as many ransomware attackers still don’t release data even after payment is made.

– Deepfakes: These are videos, links or emails often targeted to specific individuals or businesses that are made to look authentic to lure employees to click on them.

– Mobile Malware: Most businesses focus on their desktops but it’s important to also protect mobile devices. As more high-volume work is being done on mobile devices, mobile security should be made a priority.

Cybersecurity can be daunting because it can be difficult to stay on top of the newest threats and protection recommendations. ICC conducts a number of audits and tests, as well as put tactics in place, to significantly reduce the possibility of an attack, protect data and most importantly – have the ability to restore it. At a minimum, a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy should include network security, e-mail security, security patches & updates, employee education, backups and quarterly cybersecurity reviews to boost your defenses against cybercriminals and lost data. If you are missing one piece of the pie, you may be exposed to cyber-attacks and could be faced with significant business disruption.

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February 23, 2022


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