Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Protecting Your Business with ICC

In 1998, ICC embarked on a journey to transform from a "Break-Fix" IT service provider into a full-service IT support and cybersecurity protection company. With over 20 years in the industry, ICC is a trusted partner for over 160 businesses in Northern Colorado. As we celebrate Cybersecurity Month this October, let's delve into how ICC's proactive business model and comprehensive services can help your business navigate the ever-evolving landscape of IT and cybersecurity.

Our Commitment: Peace of Mind through Cybersecurity

At ICC, our mission is clear - to provide peace of mind by safeguarding your business against cybersecurity threats and downtime. We understand that your business's IT needs require professional attention. Our small but dedicated team of hand-picked technicians and support staff is here to serve you.

IT Support and Contract Services

Investing in IT requires careful planning and execution to ensure you get the best value. ICC offers a comprehensive approach that covers consulting, acquisition, implementation, and support. We're not just an IT service provider; we're your trusted business partner, committed to securing your operations.

Managed Services: Proactive IT Management

Our monthly managed service agreement is designed to ensure your systems operate seamlessly and your costs remain predictable. This proactive approach allows us to monitor your systems continuously. Our expert team is ready to resolve issues promptly so you can return to business as usual. Our flat-rate managed services program, Catapult, provides a range of services for a fixed monthly fee, helping you maintain IT efficiency and stay ahead of potential problems.

IT Cloud Hosting Services

Choosing the right solutions is crucial as the business world shifts towards cloud services. ICC understands the nuances between cloud services and offers guidance based on your organization's unique requirements. We'll ensure you leverage the cost and convenience of cloud services that align with your needs.

Phone Systems and VoIP

In a world where remote work is increasingly prevalent, reliable communication systems are vital. ICC assists with traditional phone systems and VoIP, carefully considering your specific requirements and installation needs. Whether it's secure video conferencing, chat solutions, or traditional business phone systems, we'll help you make the right choice for your business.

Hardware: Quality and Security

At ICC, we prioritize your business needs and cybersecurity when recommending products. With strong partnerships with leading industry distributors and years of experience, we offer high-quality IT equipment. Our experts can assist with installation, implementation, management, and maintenance, ensuring your hardware operates smoothly and securely.

Software: Tailored Recommendations

Choosing the right software for your business can be a complex task. ICC acts as your technical liaison, working with third-party software vendors and recommending solutions that align with your business objectives. Our highly trained professionals ensure your software and data storage remain robust and reliable, safeguarding your critical data.

Cabling and Infrastructure: Building the Foundation

A robust and worry-free network starts with a solid infrastructure. ICC provides comprehensive support, including data and voice cabling, firewall, and switches. Whether establishing a new office or upgrading your existing systems, our experts offer valuable insights to enhance your cabling and infrastructure projects.

Professional IT Audits: Ensuring Scalability and Security

Is your business growing? Are you confident your IT infrastructure can scale with you? ICC conducts professional IT audits to assess the health and reliability of your infrastructure. We provide insights into your current IT status and identify areas for improvement, ensuring you have peace of mind that your data is safe and that your IT support is in expert hands.

This Cybersecurity Month, ICC stands by its commitment to protect your business from evolving threats. With a proactive approach to IT management, comprehensive services, and a focus on cybersecurity, we're here to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring your business remains secure and operational. If you're ready to take the next step in protecting your business, reach out to us today. Your cybersecurity journey begins here.

October 2, 2023


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