Are you testing your backup system?

Most companies understand the importance of backing up data and have regular backup systems in place, but are you also checking backup systems to make sure they are working correctly?

Backup management requires, not only having a system in place, but continual monitoring to ensure your data is being backed up correctly. Many Managed Services Providers fail to properly monitor data backups. Monitoring backup can be tedious and it’s important that sufficient resources are allocated to monitoring. It’s also important that a documented process is in place for consistency.

Additionally, a periodic backup restore test should be completed as an ongoing effort to ensure you can actually restore your data quickly in the event of an attack or system failure. It’s worth the time and effort to go through the process to familiarize yourself (and department) with what needs to be done if the need arises. In your tests you’ll want to focus on two critical measurements RPO and RTO so everything can be properly restored to meet your expectations. If you’re not sure how to execute such a test, ICC can help. At ICC, our skilled technicians monitor the status of your backups 24×7 and can perform a restore test twice a year giving you peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of.

It is important to remember that periodic backup restore tests are just a small piece of the cybersecurity pie.  ICC conducts a number of audits and tests, as well as put tactics in place, to significantly reduce the possibility of an attack, protect your data and most importantly – have the ability to restore it. At a minimum, a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy should include network security, e-mail security, security patches & updates, employee education, backups and quarterly cybersecurity reviews to boost your defenses against cybercriminals and lost data. If you are missing one piece of the pie, you may be exposed to cyber-attacks and could be faced with significant business disruption.

To get your backup system tested give ICC a call at 970-821-8592. Our strategies are designed to build good habits and protect your business by protecting your data.

January 26, 2022


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