Cybersecurity Awareness Training

When it comes to cybersecurity, many businesses forget a significant factor in their line of defense – staff training. This is especially important with more and more people working remotely. In fact, in Proofpoint’s 2022 State of the Phish Report, 81% of organizations said that more than half of their employees are working remotely, but just 37% educate workers about practices for remote working. It’s not enough to focus on security frameworks, software updates, and compliance requirements: It’s critical to raise awareness and educate your team to boost your business's cybersecurity level. Here is some advice on establishing a cybersecurity awareness training program at your workplace:

 ●   Include all employees. The entire team should be trained, not just leadership members.

●   Training is an ongoing effort. Cyber awareness education is not just a one-time session. Depending on the size and turnover of your staff, training should occur quarterly – or even monthly if warranted – supplemented by posters, newsletters, and email correspondence.

●   Be comprehensive. There are many aspects of cybersecurity to consider. The key topics to include are email-based phishing, malware, Wi-Fi security, ransomware, mobile device security, and best practices for passwords and Internet safety.

●   Consider consequences. The Proofpoint survey discovered that 55% of organizations take action against employees who fall for actual or simulated phishing attacks. A scale of disciplinary actions may start with a one-on-one discussion with a manager and could ultimately result in termination, especially for repeated offenses.  However, 24% of organizations surveyed said a consequence model is not the right fit for their company’s culture.

ICC can help you execute cybersecurity awareness training for your staff. In addition to instructing, our defense strategy includes providing network security, email security, patches and updates, and quarterly cybersecurity reviews. If you are missing one piece, you may risk your business. To get started, call 970-419-0602.


June 13, 2023

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