5 Best Computer Science Schools in the U.S.

The key to any successful career is dedication, passion and of course education. At ICC, we place a high value on creating a solid foundation with high quality education. Fortunately, there are many optimal choices for students wishing to begin a career in the computer science realm. Here are our picks for the five best computer science schools in the U.S.:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, Mass.
It’s no surprise that MIT tops our list. U.S. News ranked their computer science program #1, and many of their students go on to find excellent jobs with high-profile companies such as Google and Amazon.

2. Stanford University – Stanford, Calif.
Conveniently located in Silicon Valley, Stanford students have fantastic opportunities to improve their knowledge of the computer science field. The facts speak for themselves – Stanford boasts international internships and alumni that have founded thousands of technology companies.

3. California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, Calif.
Also located in the Silicon Valley state, California Institute of Technology leads numerous impressive research projects, and, according to Business Insider, the starting salary for graduates is more than $80,000.

4. Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, Pa.
Carnegie Mellon University boasts partnerships with Sony, IBM, Google and several other industries that allow students to get practical experience in the field. They also lead several cutting-edge research projects in the computer science realm.

5. Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, Ga.
Georgia Institute of Technology leads the southern U.S. region in computer science programs. Its research programs in areas such as Theoretical Computer Science have earned it a spot on numerous prestigious lists.

Interested in checking out other high-ranking computer science schools in the U.S.? Visit U.S. News to see which schools offer quality education.

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November 6, 2015

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