16 Gift Ideas for Techies

With Black Friday deals just around the corner, it’s time to start working on your holiday shopping list! If you have a tech-lover on your nice list, we have gift ideas ranging from the fun and humorous to super useful technology, all of which will fit perfectly under the tree:

To get your juices flowing…

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - iRobot Roomba

1. iROBOT Vacuum. You push a button and a robot cleans your house. It’s like Back to the Future, only better.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - pocket projector

2. Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector. Connect it to your smartphone, game console, etc. for a big-screen view of any film.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - Apple Watch 2

3. Apple Watch. Can you even call yourself a tech lover if you haven’t hopped aboard the latest Apple craze?

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - here earbuds

4. ‘Here’ Earbuds. The age of wireless listening has arrived!

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - keyboard coasters

5. Keyboard Coasters. We all know that one person who would proudly serve drinks on these.

On our wish list…

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - Amazon Tap

6. Amazon Echo family. The Echo Dot and the Mobile Tap can stream music, control smartphone devices, set alarms and much more, all hands-free! – Jesse C.

7. Amazon Fire TV. Their sales pitch says it all: “Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment.” – Jesse C.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - Nest thermostat

8. Nest Thermostat. Your home’s temperature has never been more comfortable. – Jesse C.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - wemo light bulbs

9. WeMo Lights. All the brightness at a fraction of the energy consumption and heat production. – Jesse C.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - Sonos speakers

10. Sonos Wireless Speakers. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crystal-clear sound quality and simple music streaming. – Jesse C.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - "coffee first then linux mug"

11. “Coffee First, Then Linux” mug. Perfect for an employee or client holiday gift, this creative mug will make any tech lover chuckle. – Jeff B.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - "run CMD tee"

12. “Run CMD” T-shirt. If you don’t quite understand this, then get it for the techie in your life who does. – Jeff B.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - mini usb fridge

13. Mini USB Powered Fridge. What’s better than a tabletop mini-fridge? A tabletop mini-fridge that is oh-so-conveniently powered by a USB. – Jeff B.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - Star Wars sunshade

14. Star Wars Accordion Sunshade. Because riding in the Millenium Falcon is unfortunately out of the question, you can at least feel like you are with this rad sunshade. – Bryan R.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - radiometer

15. Radiometer. It may say “for ages 8 and up,” but we won’t judge you if you’re a “little” older than that and still think a radiometer is cool. – Bryan R.

16 Gift Ideas for Techies - Raspberry Pi 3 Motherboard

16. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Motherboard. And last but not least, this motherboard is the mother of all gifts. – Bryan R.

We hope this techie-inspired gift guide helps with your holiday shopping endeavors. And if all else fails, maybe buy one (or a few) of these gifts for yourself!

November 18, 2016

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