The Importance of Proper Cabling Installation

Are you stepping on cables when working at your desk? Do you feel like you’re looking out for wires when walking around the office? Cable installation is extremely important in any office or business space to avoid safety risks, space constraints or damage to your office network. Cables keep your networks connected and communications going, including the Wi-Fi and security systems – all critical to your daily business – so you don’t want to risk damaging them. 

Keeping cables properly organized also makes troubleshooting problems inside your business look presentable to clients and gives your staff a more efficient work environment. 

Cable installation might seem like an easy task to control, but it can be challenging to feed and organize cables and wires around desks, office furniture and in closets. Consider including cable management in your technology support. Besides safety hazards, tangled or unmanaged cables can result in cord damage and possibly cause the cords or outlets to overheat. Too many wires and cables around office hardware can disrupt airflow that can also cause equipment components to get hot.

Some ways to control and organize cables is with the use of wire guides, floor cable covers, ties and cable loom tubing that help prevent cords from getting tangled or stepped on. Replacing cables can get expensive so you’ll want to install everything neatly right from the start.

Cables provide the most reliable connections in keeping your network running at an optimum level. Proper cable installation provides better throughput and helps software run smoother and may increase Internet speed, allowing you to work more productively. Any kinks in or damage to the cable can slow down connections. Additionally, cable types vary and deliver different levels of performance; it’s important to know which cable types are going to work best for your network.

Good cable installation and maintenance is important to your company’s operations. ICC can help keep your office cables and wires organized and clean, so your office equipment is running at maximum efficiency. ICC experts can help you design your office space, install, implement, manage, and maintain your entire IT system to ensure the safety of your employees and get the best performance from your equipment, including cabling. ICC consultants are your trusted, technical experts to keep your business going. 

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April 12, 2023

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