How to Protect You and Your Business from a Cyber Security Threat

Simple Ways to Keep Your Information Safe

Cyber-attacks are more common now than ever, and we want to make sure you are prepared if it happens to you or your business. Here are a few helpful and simple ways to protect yourself from Cyber Security Threats.

  1. Wi-Fi – Make sure your business and even your home has a segmented guest and internal wi-fi network. Your main network should always be separated from a guest network. Visitors to your business should log onto your guest network so there isn’t a chance for them to access any information being shared on your main network. As for kids at home, they should be using the guest network in case they download bad apps or files that could be harmful to your main network.
  2. Data Backup – Is your data backed up? If someone at your company is a victim of a phishing email or has downloaded a corrupted file, hackers may steal your data and hold it ransom. This is a form of a cyber threat called ransomware. Oftentimes, a fee is requested from the cyber criminals in order to un-encrypt your data. Some hackers may return your data for a sum of money and others will keep it even though you paid the ransom. In this case, a cyber security insurance company is knowledgeable on hackers and can help assist you with the right plan of action.
  3. Two Factor Authentication – Two Factor Authentication is an extra layer of security that requires a username, password, and a second type of verification for access. A unique code is usually sent to your email or through text to give you access to a system or files.
  4. Strong Passwords – Creating unique and strong passwords is an easy way to help guard your personal information from intruders. The complex variety of characters, letters and numbers will help keep hackers at bay. If you keep your passwords in a notebook or on sticky notes, it is time for an upgrade! There are multiple cloud-based services that allow you to store all your passwords in once place instead of in an Excel file on your computer or on a piece of paper.
  5. Antivirus and Malware Protection – Antivirus protection is a program that prevents, detects and removes viruses that are designed to replicate and spread. Malware protection helps stop malicious code and other unwanted viruses, spyware, trojans and more. Always make sure your software is up to date so that you are protected. If you have questions about which type or brand of software your company needs, ICC is here to help.
  6. Human Error – The majority of cyber-attacks occur because of human error. Phishing emails are a popular form of cyber-attacks. Be sure to inspect the sender’s email address and company name in the email to ensure that it is not an imposter. Never respond or click a link in an email to provide financial or private information to anyone. Watch for files asked to be downloaded or links included in emails that may download a virus or malware to your system. Be alert, and if something doesn’t feel right about the email, do not take any action. Delete it immediately.

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November 19, 2018


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