Get a Plan in Place for Data Recovery

Data breaches are an unfortunate reality in the business world these days. Even with the best security measures in place, cybercrime can happen. As much effort as you put into trying to prevent it from happening, it’s smart to make the same efforts in preparing for when it happens. That includes understanding how long it will take to recover from the incident and be up and running again.

There are so many factors that can influence the amount of time it will take to recover from a breach.  How much data do you have? What is your current backup solution? What type of data is it? Where is your data being stored?  Has someone been monitoring the backups for completion and integrity?  Is your server virtualized?

There are two strategies devised to answer those questions and to help develop the best plan to regain system functionality and restore lost data in the event of a breach:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO): This evaluates how often your backup is being done, what kind of data you are backing up and how much data you could potentially lose in the event of a disaster.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO): With a backup restore test, you can assess how long it takes to get you back up and running in the event of a date breach, and how long the company can conduct business with the disruption.

Together, RPO and RTO help determine your system’s capacities and limitations to make your recovery plan as efficient as possible. The better the plan, the quicker the recovery will be, restoring data in minutes as opposed to days. However, data recovery plans are not one size fits all. The strategy for RPO is very different than RTO and it is important to design your backups and plans accordingly.

We get that this may be too much to assess on your own. You can rely on ICC to help you define the best strategy for data recovery. To learn more, visit our YouTube video (at or give us a call at 970-821-8592.

April 16, 2021


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